Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bamboo Baseball Bats

Have you ever heard of Bamboo Baseball Bats? Believe it or not, Bamboo Bats are actually a much better choice than traditional Maple or Oak. Maple bats are strong, but have a tendency to shatter, often endangering fans and players. They shatter because they are made from a solid piece of material. The most common bamboo bats on the market today are hybrids that containt both bamboo and maple components.

As you can see form the picture, the bamboo pieces are compressed to create a strong solid core for the bat. A bamboo core provides more strength than Maple or Oak, with comparable balance.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is made by compressing multiple pieces of material under extreme heat and pressure. This method makes it close to impossible for the bat to shatter. Also, players have reported the bamboo bats to have “excellent balance”. Bamboo baseball bats are of high enough quality to be used in Major League Baseball, but the league has yet to start using them. Aside for the obvious benefits, bamboo is a sustainable eco-friendly material. I have not had the opportunity to use a bamboo bat myself, but would love to her comments from those who have.

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